Dear friends, we want to share with you the impressions of Olaf Hauer, who in October became one of the most active speakers and the participant of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi from October 14 to October 20.

Olaf got into the most large-scale stream “Industry of the Future” and spoke to an audience of 1500 people.”In the first seconds of entering the stage, I felt how hard my heart was beating, then the usual state returned, and the number of listeners no longer mattered. I spoke with the audience as frankly, honestly and sincerely as I do at my business trainings, or lectures with students at the university.”

Olaf touched on the sensitive issue of “Cooperation & Authenticity, instead of Competition & Double Standards.” The topic, despite the scale of the festival, was relevant and significant, because it concerned everyone personally who was in front of me. Olaf offered just from the stage to answer young people the important questions: Do you know what is valuable to you personally? Does your behavior correspond to your declared values? On whose side are you? Is there a place in your life for “exceptions” and “special situations?”

At the end of his speech it was clear that the topic touched the hearts and minds of many, as communication “flowed” into the corridors. “At first, the bravest approached, and the rest were drawn to them, forming small groups around me for up to 20 people,” Olaf remembers. The guys were worried about the situations they faced in real life and were filled with questions: “What if the company proclaims one values, and its leaders behave differently?”; “What if the KPI of individual units of the company in aggregate does not contribute to the achievement of a common goal company? “.There were also more philosophical questions: “Do you believe that people in the future will openly and honestly communicate with each other?”; “How can you find your personal mission in life?”.

Olaf expressed his position directly: “Stop being afraid and give feedback to your leaders if you notice that they apply double standards.”; “Yes, I believe that people can communicate openly and honestly, because me myself now aspire to it. And in any case, we must begin with ourselves. “; “In that case, someone should initiate changes that lead to a coordinated KPI system and take care of managers do not lose, otherwise they will resist.”; “Think and write down your thoughts about what your personal mission may be, and then wait a couple of days, then once again look carefully at what you have written down. If there is a response in your soul, then you are on the right track. If you don’t feel a response, most likely this is not your mission. Continue to search, from time to time again record your mission, until you feel the same response. I personally went to realize my mission for several decades. “

On the second day of the festival Olaf participated in an intellectual duel “Human Intellect vs. Artificial Intelligence”. Olaf stood for human intellect, and his “opponent”, Daniel Wolfe, advocated artificial intelligence. “At the same time, the day before we agreed to change the format of our duel somewhat, moving it to a more peaceful channel – the format of the discussion. I am for accepting and considering the ideas of other people, even if I have a different point of view. The main thing is to hear each other, expand the context of our understanding and perception of the wideness of this world. “

“What else did the Festival in Sochi become remarkable for me? By an amazing coincidence, the “Industry of the Future” co-organizer was the “Rosatom Academy”, and after all, Rosatom State Corporation is linked to us by a successful project of Introducing values in one of the Rosatom companies – AEM-technologies. It was nice to meet friends in such a dynamic and open atmosphere of the Festival!

I am glad to have the opportunity to express my opinion within the framework of my speech and to tell you what it means for me personally to be authentic. And judging by the responses, I managed to inspire the participants to think about the deep-seated issues and start the process of self-awareness and attitude to what they do in life. “