Train the Trainers – Basics

Train the Trainers – Basics

Whenever new employees, team members or colleagues need to be taught in certain things, the absence or a poor level of the teacher’s training skills lead to poor quality of information exchange, and makes the orientation or learning process longer and less efficient.

To increase knowledge of and skills in training and developing of newcomers and their specialist skills.


  • Types of trainings
  • Types of trainees
  • How adults learn
  • Training preparation
  • Training design
  • Training delivery
  • Training follow-up
  • Techniques on how to deal with so-called difficult participants

Expected effects aside from the goal:

  • Having skillful professionals that are able to efficiently train others allows the company to save the knowledge and facilitates the creation of a talent pool
  • Having motivating and inspiring trainers who know how to facilitate the process of acquiring new skills and knowledge
  • A proper training culture that makes the development and learning of new skills a habit easily adopted by all employees.
  • Having strong internal trainers allows the company to save expenses on external training services

Target group:
Everyone with the need to enhance their training skills.

minimum 1.5 days.

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November 23, 2017