Time Management

Time Management

Everyone knows the situation of delay, and for many of us it’s rather annoying. Aside from objective reasons out of our control it’s, quite often, a simply poor time management that causes delays. The latter can lead to frustration, at least, but also to losses in productivity and efficiency of, for example, production processes. In worst case, delays cause significant financial losses.

To increase competencies of time management through providing an overview of existing tools and methods and practicing them.


  • Difference in time perception and attitude
  • Reasons of procrastination and how to cope with them
  • Prioritization and balance
  • Time boxing
  • Concentration and planning
  • GTD method, Gantt chart
  • Technical options, applications for gadgets
  • Time wasters and time savers
  • Useful habits
  • Assessment of participants’ time management skills
  • Definition personal areas of growth

Expected effects aside from the goal:

  • Profound understanding of how personal habits influence productivity and efficiency
  • Participants understand their own reasons for possible failures in time management
  • They consciously capture their own areas of growth and define what useful habits to implement into their everyday life
  • Practical use of time management tools

Target group:
everyone in need to enhance their performance linked to better time management skills.

minimum 1.5 days.

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November 16, 2017