THEATRE EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP: Creativity, Curiosity and Courage in the workplace

THEATRE EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP:  Creativity, Curiosity and Courage in the workplace

Why undertake this training?
This is a workshop experience. The learning for the participants will come from DOING. Being . Exploring . Being Creative and exploring Agility and innovation
Ultimately, THEATRE EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP is a shared experience which will heighten understanding, provide insight, and engage the participants in the dynamics of workplace collaboration, creativity, curiosity and courage.

The outcomes will include:

  1. A deeper understanding of how to work together and think creatively.
  2. Improved individual and team confidence.
  3. New techniques for generating positive and Agile/Cross –Functional team dynamics.

Key objective
To inspire in the understanding of the skill-sets and mind-set that can enhance organisational culture and build effective teams.


  • Working with Actors we create a play-in-a-day performance that is either performed publically to friends and colleagues or that is performed in two or more groups to each other.
    Each group of participants writes, directs and performs a piece of theatre. It may include drama, comedy, music or dance. It will involve everyone in some capacity (not all have to perform; some may direct etc.).
  • Supported by the professional actors (who may also perform in the pieces), the group create stories, scenery, costumes and props that will come together to contribute to the final product.
    The workshop is based on creating an Agile “Heads-up, Hearts in Culture” where people are involved in the team and understand how they can positively influence it.
  • The workshop uses creative exercises alongside the challenge of devising of a piece of theatre, to give a deep experience of the impact we make as individuals and the contribution we can make as a team.
  • It focuses on the nature of organisational culture and how teams can work together towards a common goal whilst retaining individual identity.

Final Outcomes

  • Improved team understanding ‘creating an Agile Heads up – Hearts in” Culture
  • A terrific and fun bonding session
  • A memorable creative process and experience
  • Builds individual confidence
  • Clear outcomes and understanding of how teams work.

Why use theatre?
It’s fun, energising and exciting and involves stories.
It creates common experience and bonds within a team – the group has a shared experience of a learning process and attaining a goal – the group shares responsibility for the process and for reaching the goal.

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July 4, 2018