Talents Development System

Talents Development System

Preparing and Implementing a proper Talents Development System and Mentoring Approach in order to effectively fill vacancies around the world without new recruitment.


  • An internal project team was created with the CFO as project owner and several top managers as team members.
  • iNTG conducted:
    • Regular meetings with the internal project team.
    • Interviews with the top managers.
    • 2 presentations to inform the entire team of Top managers under the CFO about how the Talents Development System would be implemented, how it would work, and what their roles are.
    • 2 targeted trainings for 20 Top managers who were chosen to become mentors.
  • In addition, individual coaching sessions were provided to mentors and members of the internal project team.

Top managers from CFO to CFO -1, CFO -2.

From August 2013 – July 2015.

Talents Pool annually formed/renewed.
Core talents identified and specific development plans for them were implemented with targeted mentoring included.
Vacancies covered!
Pool of mentors (Top mangers) formed & regularly trained.

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September 6, 2017