Systemic Development

Systemic Development

Systemic Development of BMW auto dealerships and groups of dealerships as integrated organizations.

2-3 days thorough auto-dealership analysis based on a structured 150-questions catalog.
Introduction of the project logic and its approach to the entire management team.
Monthly visits of 1-4 days to the dealerships and working with the each of the top managers on individual level, as well as with the top management team, and with the teams of each top manager.

Individual and team training, individual and team coaching, consulting. On a month by month basis work through the entire working processes of each of the department and between the departments. After defining the basics of the working procedures, further topics were covered like management, personnel, marketing, organization, management starting from vision through mission, strategy, strategic goals, annual goals, goals of each department and ending up with goals for each employee.


  1. Dealership Development Department and Training Academy of both BMW Germany and BMW Brilliance Automotive in China.
  2. General Director, Top Managers and Team leaders of BMW Dealerships in Germany and China.

January 2001 – January 2005, Germany.
February 2005 – January 2009, China.

Improved management performance.
Increased efficiency of working procedures in and between departments.
Higher employees satisfaction & engagement.
Increased customer loyalty.
Better business results (KPIs).

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September 6, 2017