Strategy, Leadership, Communication & Customer Orientation

Strategy, Leadership, Communication & Customer Orientation

Supporting Dynamic Leadership (part of a new Strategic Vision).

Sberbank is a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company headquartered in Moscow.
As of 2014 it was the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, and the third largest in Europe.
From 2008 on it has been undergoing numerous substantial changes.

To develop, deliver and cascade a new ‘organisational vision and open mind-set’ that was necessary to compete in the open market with a customer focus.

Train middle managers / Leaders to support their branch staff in a dynamic manner to focus on growth and new, customer oriented organisational culture.

Our response:
“Getting Right For You” – an on-going leadership support programme for ‘middle managers’ delivered in individual four hour sessions to 150 senior managers.
Each session centred on employees contributing to a vision focussing on the role and context of the individual in the workplace.

Topics covered:

  • Exploring change
  • Improving communication between staff
  • Motivational techniques for staff
  • Coaching and Mentoring programmes set up
  • Leadership support programmes initiated.

18 one day workshops and interventions (up to 25 managers per session).

Delivery team:
One facilitator and two creative artists (actors).

Key Outcomes:

  • Customer focused Culture understood
  • New Management Systems implemented to be more agile and task-oriented
  • Improved communication dynamics between staff
  • Leadership support for staff understood and implemented
  • Feedback mechanisms introduced
  • ‘Culture of Coaching‘ understood and encouraged.

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April 12, 2018