Re-framing Business

Re-framing Business

New business strategy implementation through improved communication, teambuilding and leadership.

Fairtrade is the world’s leading ethical labelling organisation supporting consumers and farmers with ethically sourced and supported food and goods.

Celebrate and support the instigation of a new business plan (Strategy) which includes new initiatives and working approaches and a re-assessment of the culture focusing on supporting the customer as much as the farmer.

Bring employees together in a dynamic manner to support growth and agile transformation.

Topics covered:

  • Cross functional teams
  • Open dialogue on the new strategic direction
  • Timelines for reviewing strategy
  • Coaching and Mentoring programmes set up
  • Leadership support programmes initiated.

4 days of workshops and interventions over 2 weeks.

Delivery team:
One facilitator and three creative artists (actors).

Key Outcomes:

  • Supportive Culture understood and foundations implemented
  • Improved communication dynamics
  • Leadership focus and impact improved
  • Project teams re-aligned to be more effective
  • The ‘Strategic Journey’ understood.

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April 12, 2018