POW!! (Power of Words): Presentation and Storytelling skills

POW!! (Power of Words):  Presentation and Storytelling skills

Why undertake this training?
Why do you need to tell your story… To inspire? To motivate? To sell?
From formal presentations to telling your story anywhere, anytime. You need to be able to frame an effective personal and organisational story…

Understand how to frame and present your personal and organisational story through the power of storytelling.

You as a storyteller

  • Understanding the power of storytelling
  • Creating and telling your personal story
  • Creating and telling your organizational story
  • Your elevator pitch
  • Different story styles for different occasions

You as a presenter

  • Your presentation style and potential
  • Your presentation impact – building rapport
  • Building effective visuals
  • Voice and body language
  • Capturing the audience’s imagination
  • How to start and finish a presentation
  • Framing your presentation according to objective
  • Answering questions and following up

Style of training
Based on UK training techniques supported by Russian and US research models and experience
Deep research methods alongside creative methodology developed in arts and performance training

  • Shared experiences
  • Interactive scenarios
  • Case studies
  • Creative exercises


  • Better presentations skills
  • Better storytelling skills

Senior Executives, Managers
2 days

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July 4, 2018