Organizational / Culture Shift

Organizational / Culture Shift

Organisational / Culture Transformation (during growth phase)

Liverpool are one of the world’s leading sports organisations. They want to make sure they are ‘up to speed’ in their management systems and remain ‘pioneers in sports’ with a powerful club culture of being connected to their fans.

The Brief:
As Liverpool look to expand and move to a new 60,000 seat stadium it is important that all 222 employees are prepared for the big changes, new pressures, and don’t lose the identity of the club. Provide support for this move.

Bring employees together in a dynamic manner to support growth and agile transformation.

Our Response:
Workshops, coaching and mentoring to provide the energy and imagination for staff to take on the challenge ahead.
Using the creative arts and business facilitation in combination to inspire, clarify and challenge ways of acting and thinking effectively.

We created The FC programme, focusing on understanding the club Culture, its Customers and improving Communication all ready for Change.

Topics covered:

  • Cross-functional teams
  • Organizational Re-structuring support
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Understanding and telling our stories to media and customers
  • Coaching and Mentoring programmes
  • Leadership and followership programmes.

36 workshops and interventions over 18 months.

Delivery team:
Three facilitators and coaches, three creative artists (actors).


  • Re-framed positive mind-sets for challenges ahead
  • New Management Systems implemented to be more agile and task-oriented
  • Successful transformation of attitude to customers both internally & externally
  • Leadership focus and impact improved.

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September 6, 2017