Manager as Developer

Manager as Developer

Often, managers see their main task in getting things done and expecting from their employees to effectively do their job, interact with their colleagues and solve any task. They rather pay less attention to the personality of their employees and, especially, a tailored approach to each of them. Thus, managers seem to forget about the fact that they are also leaders, and that they get the best out of their employees only by getting the best out of themselves.

To increase managers’ skills of developing their people.


  • Models to be used by a manager as a developer of their people:
  • Basic principles of social interaction
  • Levels of behavior regulation
  • Models of providing and receiving feedback
  • Stages of purposeful discussion
  • Coaching as targeted work with employees on the individual level
  • Facilitation as targeted work with teams of employees
  • Algorithm of problem analyzing and solving

Expected effects aside from the goal:

  • Practical experience with applying models, skills and methods in a targeted way
  • Gaining specific behavior experience by working with actors
  • Better understanding of how people feel, judge, think and act
  • Better understanding of how to connect with people in order to make an impact on them
  • Improving the climate of relationships at the workplace
  • Broadening self-development horizons by self-assessment and receipt of feedback
  • Formulating specific next steps of managers’ further development
  • Implementation of coaching tools and style into management
  • Practice of a new behavior role model in line with corporate values and company’s culture
  • Motivation to serve as a role model through applying behaviors in line with corporate values and company’s culture
  • Positive impact on corporate culture of participants’ company

Target group:
Managers from middle level upward

Minimum 2,5 days, better, 3 days – if part of a more complex project;
3 blocks of 2 – 2 – 2 days – if used as stand-alone solution.

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November 23, 2017