MaD (Manager as Developer) – Leadership Style

MaD (Manager as Developer) – Leadership Style

Manager as Developer (MaD) – Leadership Style with focus on People Development in accordance with the company’s corporate culture and values.


  • Thorough identification of the areas of improvement for the project participants, as well as defining the specific approach(Together with HR department).
  • Nine 2-days trainings, with
    • The first day dedicated to approaches and methods of Communicative Leadership and Developing People.
    • The topics that were covered are skills of effective communication, efficient feedback models, coaching in management, constructive behaviors in conflict situations.
    • The second day was dedicated to a role-play game.
    • The game allowed to play 4 different situations taken from the everyday life inside JTI Ukraine.
    • Participants extended their behavioral repertoire by using 4 out of 6 classical theater archetypes.
    • Practical exercises were conducted under the guidance of professional actors.

From CEO -2 to CEO -5.

October 2013 – March 2014.

140 Managers implemented behaviors in line with Corporate Values.
No employee complaints about their superiors’ behavior, especially during Annual Appraisals.

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September 6, 2017