Facilitation in Management

Facilitation in Management

Team discussions, regular meetings as well as strategic and/or problem-solving sessions often lack of effectiveness and efficiency (“pure time-wasting”). The reasons are both poor communication skills and the disuse of effective teamwork approaches, techniques, rules and roles. This results in a relatively slight variety of ideas and loose connections between them, an unequal distribution of engagement and workload between the team members, a loss of motivation and inspiration, and, in worst case, conflicts. All that, finally, leads to rather poor performance and results.


  • To make team leaders and managers aware of facilitation as an structured approach and teamwork technique to increase effectiveness and efficiency as well as spirit and culture of teams, thus, to manage and develop them
  • To let participants try out facilitation in practice
  • To make participants incorporate facilitation into their regular team meetings and important sessions as form of really constructive cooperation and collaboration


  • Definition, objectives and tasks – orientation frame
  • Why is facilitation needed in business?
  • Problems of communication in groups
  • Mistakes in team/group discussions
  • Cultural context for facilitation in Russia
  • Characteristics of effective discussions
  • Facilitated group discussions, practical experience
  • Effects of facilitated discussions

Expected effects aside from the goal:

  • Increased involvement of employees and managers leads to sense of ownership, initiative as well as higher performance and results
  • Joy of working in a teams and satisfaction with results achieved and progress made
  • Improved climate of relationships among involved employees and managers
  • Better understanding of complex topics and their solutions as well as specific actions to take
  • Enhanced culture of constructive communication

Target group:
Project team leaders; HR professionals; Managers

2 days – if part of a more complex project;
3 blocks of 2 – 2 – 2 days – if used as stand-alone solution.

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November 23, 2017