EPIC : Communication Skills for Leaders

EPIC :  Communication Skills for Leaders

Why undertake this training?
Ever been nervous about a presentation, unable to start difficult conversations, feel you could have negotiated better? From presentations to negotiations, this course helps you deal with the challenge of improving your authentic communication style and impact to be able to sell yourself and your ideas.

Goal: BE EPIC!
Improve your authentic, formal and informal communication skills and style.


  • “Performing with Presence” (focusing on personal impact in an informal environment)
    • Influencing and building rapport
    • Increased confidence and assertiveness
    • An understanding of the effect of status
    • Increased confidence in communicating to an audience
    • Tools for influencing and persuading colleagues and clients
    • The confidence to improvise and deal with the unexpected
    • New ways of framing communication – ‘Archetype in Action’ model
  • Performing with Style (focusing on influencing and rapport in formal environments)
    • Deep communication dynamics – how it works
    • Impact of body language
    • Assumptions and bias analysis
    • Personal view – how we see ourselves
    • Personal Style – how we want to improve
    • Behavioral techniques affecting communication

Style of training
Based on UK training techniques supported by Russian and US research models and experience
Deep research methods alongside creative methodology developed in arts and performance training

  • Shared experiences
  • Interactive scenarios
  • Creative exercises


  • Better communication skills
  • Improved negotiation skills
  • Improved awareness of how to handle ‘difficult conversations’

Senior executives, Managers, teams

2 days

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July 4, 2018