Creative Thinking for Leaders

Creative Thinking for Leaders

Creativity and Innovation – Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skill set.

BBC want media staff to be ‘more creative’ coming up with interesting ways of how to engage staff and run projects in an agile and robust manner.

The Brief:
To create a series of workshops focusing on unlocking creativity for BBC.
Staff working in all Broadcast media in the UK.

To support and learn key creativity and communication skills.

Our Response:
A two-day event of creative thinking workshops for 60 senior staff members.
Approaches included working with creative artists, entrepreneurs and internal champions.
The model for this workshop is based on interactive exercises used in the theatre alongside the traditional corporate training methodology including Design Thinking methodologies.

Topics covered:

  • Initial idea generation
  • Creativity as a process
  • Agility teams
  • Understanding and supporting creative culture
  • How we can get the best out of people
  • Thinking in new ways
  • Selling and sustaining ideas internally
  • Getting people involved and inspired about the challenges ahead.

2 days.

Delivery team:
Two facilitators, two actors, two entrepreneurs.

Key Outcomes:
Inspired and motivated individuals and teams are able to take more imaginative risks in the way they approach projects in a more agile and creative manner.

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September 6, 2017