Communicative Leadership

Communicative Leadership

Many people at leading or high management positions often see their main task in getting things done and expecting from their employees to effectively do their job, interact with their colleagues and solve any tasks. They are not aware of their responsibility for a positive atmosphere and climate of relationships that impact their people, as a necessary prerequisite for constructive communication, collaboration, and success in any organization. Some of them are and, respectively, want to increase their skills in the given area.


  • To make people in leading positions aware of the variety of different methods/approaches and techniques they may apply to impact their people
  • To increase leadership skills through training these methods/approaches and techniques
  • To provide high positioned leaders and managers a comprehensive picture of what and how they can do to get the best out of themselves in order to get the best out of their people


  • Overview of leadership theories
  • Test on leadership styles
  • Leadership focused on people development – coaching as a management tool, exercises
  • Different frames and leadership orientations by Bolman & Deal, test, management situations and relevant leadership frames
  • Leadership focused on team development – facilitation as management tool, exercises
  • Algorithm of problem-solving

Expected effects aside from the goal:

  • Increase in efficiency of communication between managers and their employees
  • Improving the atmosphere of relationships at the workplace
  • Increase in both managers and employees’ motivation and satisfaction
  • Increase of teamwork efficiency
  • Personal growth of both managers and employees towards mature, authentic communication in accordance with the basic principle of social interaction as well as most of the corporate values
  • Increase in business process efficiency and, respectively, business success

Target group:
Top-Managers, Managers from middle level upward; Project team leaders

3 days – if part of a more complex project;
3 blocks of 2 – 2 – 2 days – if used as stand-alone solution.

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November 23, 2017