Beeline Eurasia

Beeline Eurasia


  1. The HR Department of Beeline Eurasia as a whole should be fully prepared to support the implementation of the company’s business strategy for 2017-2018.
  2. Identify and agree on the coordinated and interrelated goals of the HR Department, as well as initiatives and KPIs.
  3. Agree on ways of behavior and interaction so that communication is constructive and enjoyable, both within HR Eurasia and with business partners.
  4. Make the HR Beeline Eurasia team efficient and integrated (despite the natural specifics), and make their managers and leaders exemplary bearers of corporate culture and values (digital, agile).
  5. To form an attitude towards HR Beeline Eurasia as a serious business partner on the part of managers and other departments.

The solution:

  1. A series of interviews with the head of HR.
  2. Development of a structured questionnaire template for all workshop participants.
  3. A series of interviews was conducted with heads of regional companies (CEO).
  4. Conference Call with OpCos
  5. Development of a description of the structure, approaches, methods and schedule of the workshop.
  6. Conducting a two-day workshop.
  7. HR SWOT analysis results, key goals 2017-2018, initiatives aligned with goals, KPIs, resources, behaviors.
  8. Support for the preparation of an action plan.

The results:

  1. At the end of the workshop, a common action plan (areas, responsibilities, timeframes) is formed.
  2. HR Beeline Eurasia formed a package of documents after the workshop (SWOT analysis results, key HR goals for 2017-2018 arising from the goals of the initiative, KPI, required resources, including budget and specific ways of behavior).
  3. Specific action plan for systematic implementation of workshop results and initiatives.

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March 5, 2019