Anatomy of E-Mail Writing

Anatomy of E-Mail Writing

Written communications is a basic tool for many business processes. Poorly written e-mails can lead to several rather unpleasant or even harmful consequences.

To provide practical guidance on how to communicate effectively and professionally through writing e-mails.


  • Communication building blocks
  • Written communication challenges
  • Business E-mail writing principles
  • E-mail structure and styles
  • Types of E-mails
  • How to deal with difficult E-mails (bring bad news, disagree, complain or de-escalate an argument)
  • Cultural pitfalls in written communication, for international companies
  • “False friends” in written communication

Expected effects aside from the goal:

  • Understanding of how proper e-mail writing impacts one’s professional image
  • Minimization of miscommunication between all involved parties
  • Faster results achievement by increased skills in delivering the message in a proper way
  • Faster results delivery through enhanced competencies on how to write in a clear, understandable way

Target group:
Everyone with the need to enhance their written communication skills.

minimum 1.5 day

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November 23, 2017