On February 13, the All-Russian Forum on “Mentoring” was held in Moscow. Olaf Hauer represented team iNTG in the panel discussion on “Mentoring as an element of corporate culture and an effective tool in the development of leadership.” The name is certainly long, intricate, full of cliches, but with the kind of people are gathered, it’s astounding to look at, some of the big names being Rosatom, Roskosmos, Skolkovo, Sberbank, Tewel and each speaker as a unique diamond, with their wide varied experience and personal stories, amongst the lines where you seldom hear that your mentor is Sergey Kirienko.

On the one hand, it seemed to us that the audience of the forum itself did not fully understand how mentoring differs from mentoring as a definition from reality. It does not scare us, but on the contrary we got a chance to explain to the audience what the difference is and what is the secret of the method that is called ‘mentoring!