Customizing Our Approach at Every Stage

We take a really deep insight
into the companies and their people

Increasing Consciousness Within Organizations

We develop skills and inspire people
for value driven decision making and behavior

Valuing Our Clients and Assuring Them

You win, your company wins, we win,
society wins and the environment wins!

Long ago an old man had 3 sons and 17 camels. After he passed away, the sons were left with their old man’s camels.
The old man had a will that said: “The oldest son gets half of the camels, the middle son gets 1/3rd of them, the youngest gets 1/9th of them.”
The sons were confused as to how to split the odd pair of camels and were in a feud.
There was a mullah happened to travel by with his camel, he helped them by saying:
“Take my camel for the time being! Now you have 18 camels, half of 18 is 9 camels, 1/3rd of 18 is 6 camels and 1/9th of 18 is 2 camels, now 9 + 6 + 2 = 17.
OK, dear friends! Now, shall I have my camel back?”

iNTG is like this 18th camel in the story, we join a company for a short or long while and help to find solutions, departing as friends…

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