We implement change for teams, people, and organizations

We implement change for teams, people, and organizations


Мы повышаем осознанность, вдохновляем на изменения и обучаем зрелой коммуникации, чтобы строить мир, основанный на ценностях.



Мы принимаем любое мнение, с которыми сталкиваемся, даже если это кажется нам сложным.


Мы ценим каждого, кто имеет собственное мнение, независимо от того, насколько это мнение отличается от нашего.


Мы делаем то, что говорим и призываем к этому других. Исключаем двойные стандарты

КОНСТРУКТИВНая коммуникация

Мы взаимодействуем друг с другом, нашими клиентами и всеми людьми в поддерживающем и взрослом стиле.

Так мы живем в соответствии со своими ценностями.


Мы предпочитаем работать вместе. 

Мы принимаем конкуренцию, но отвергаем принципы “победа любой ценой” и “цель оправдывает средства”.


Мы расширяем сферу нашей ответственности и цели наших действий:

Я выигрываю

Ты выигрываешь

Наша команда выигрывает

Наша организация выигрывает

Общество выигрывает

Окружающая среда выигрывает



«The iNTG team not only helped our company implement a development project for 140 managers of all levels, they helped to make a shift in culture. Starting with the very first discussion of the program’s canvas, I was convinced that I was dealing with professionals of the highest class, and this belief grew every day, at every stage of the design and implementation process of the project.

We managed to create a real LABORATORY for managers, where they developed critical skills through full immersion in real situations, reflection and feedback.

The creative approach combined with the techniques that Olaf, Ludmila and Paul used (from facilitation sessions to case studies with actors) kept each participant involved 100%.

As a result, in our joint laboratory «MaD — Manager as Developer», we achieved a clear focus of our managers on the development of their employees.»

Ilona Antonova

Manager of Training and Development, JTI Ukraine

«Together with iNTG, we made several complicated and interesting projects.

It was a real pleasure to work with Olaf and Ludmila. They apply a detailed and profound approach to understanding the essence of the client’s request before starting to develop the program itself.

That’s why their programs are INDEED individually tailored and cover the needs of a client. I have worked in the Training department for many years and can say for sure that such an attitude towards work is a rare thing.

For this, I sincerely love iNTG, and gladly recommend them everywhere, because they are THE BEST.»

Svetlana Dokuchaeva

Talent Management and Personnel Development Manager, JTI Russia

“You guys are amazing – you made such an impact!”

Ekaterina Shirokikh

Deputy Head of Training, Sberbank



Ludmila Murgulets


  • 30+ years of practical experience in entrepreneurship and management working for Russian and International companies.
  • Main areas of competencies: entrepreneurship, strategic marketing & communication, networking, leadership & personal effectiveness, cross-cultural teams.
  • Likes fashion design and fine wine (only the finest).

Olaf Hauer


  • 20+ years of experience in developing teams, people & organizations.
  • Main areas: communicative leadership, cross-cultural team collaboration, mature communication, conflict resolution, change implementation.
  • Likes laughing dislikes ironing.

Paul Bourne

Театральный режиссёр

  • 20+ years in theatre arts and business.
  • Main areas: public behavior and presentation skills, innovative thinking and creativity, cultural shift, service excellence, communication awareness and impact.
  • Leadership and native English speaker.

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